Save Time and Close More Sales with a Quotes Manager

For businesses that have been working with window coverings and treatments for years, moving to an online or digital solution might not make much sense. After all, if you have your order process down to a practical science, why fix what isn’t broken right? Let’s explore one of the primary reasons why upgrading to BlindsBook may help you run your business even more efficiently while potentially boosting your bottom line.

The BlindsBook quotations capability is where our software shines the most brightly. Creating a quote is perhaps the most laborious part of the ordering process for most businesses. You need to take the time to determine the product, ensure all measurements are precise, look up price charts, and ensure that all calculations are correct before proceeding with the order. Any error can cause delays which, in turn, may lead to an unhappy customer. Because BlindsBook does the number crunching for you, there is less room for error and you can expedite a greater number of orders, possibly doubling your daily sales.

This update is by BlindsBook, a powerful, comprehensive window covering software and management cloud system. Our software streamlines the entire process of window covering for professionals from beginning to end through easy scheduling, creating sales and work orders in seconds, providing accurate quotes, and taking the hassle out of ensuring accurate measurements, all with your personal business name and logo attached. Visit for more information and to sign up for a free trial or call 888-208-5230 for any questions.

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