Manage Your Window Covering Business Virtually Anywhere with BlindsBook

A major differentiating feature that sets BlindsBook above competitors is the fact that it’s a complete cloud management system. You may have heard the term “cloud” used in a technology context, but what does it all mean? Essentially, a cloud management system means it a system that is available at all times on different servers versus being relegated a single personal computer.

Because BlindsBook is a cloud management solution, you are not tied to a single device to manage your window covering business. For example, you may use a laptop computer to manage your business while you’re in the office. All of a sudden you receive a call from a client who wants you to come in as soon as possible to discuss some much-needed blackout curtains or shades for their new office. You race out the door, accidentally leave your laptop behind, and don’t realize it until you’ve made it to the client’s office. What do you do?

No worries! You have the peace of mind of knowing you can still manage your business and assist your client as BlindsBook is not tied to a single computer. This means even when you travel to another state, BlindsBook is available to you if you happen to be staying at a hotel. Manage your clients, create sales orders, make a quote, generate an invoice, do it all no matter where you happen to be.

This update is by BlindsBook, a powerful, comprehensive window covering software and management cloud system. Our software streamlines the entire process of window covering for professionals from beginning to end through easy scheduling, creating sales and work orders in seconds, providing accurate quotes, and taking the hassle out of ensuring accurate measurements, all with your personal business name and logo attached. Visit for more information and to sign up for a free trial or call 888-208-5230 for any questions.

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