Keep Your Team on Schedule with Blindsbook

With the ever-increasing pace of operating a prosperous window treatment business, there comes the absolute need for maintaining an adequate schedule. That means being able to develop discipline, refine habits, and ultimately reach your company goals. Now a common way to maintain a schedule is to manually create a regular list of your company tasks but this method regularly becomes burdensome.

Time is priceless when running a window treatment business, so why waste it? With BlindsBook’s scheduling feature, it reduces wasted time and energy by allowing you to effortlessly send notifications to your entire team, not limited to sales personnel and installers. The drag and click method that BlindsBook developed to save you time and wasted energy provide you the ability to drag task and messages, then instantly drop them to your entire team. The more your business is connected with company goals and tasks, the better able you are to ensure that time and energy are not wasted.

If you would like to give the scheduling feature a shot, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial.

This update is by BlindsBook, a powerful, comprehensive window covering software and management cloud system. Our software streamlines the entire process of window covering for professionals from beginning to end through easy scheduling, creating sales and work orders in seconds, providing accurate quotes, and taking the hassle out of ensuring accurate measurements, all with your personal business name and logo attached. Visit for more information and to sign up for a free trial or call 888-208-5230 for any questions.

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